Tourney Site details

  • Please plan to park in one of the largest two lots.
  • Part of our high school facility is under construction this summer, so the back parking lot (nearest to the south goal on the turf) is not available to us
  • Team rest areas will be available on the grass areas north of the turf field and the pond.   You may want to bring a pop up tent as there are no trees there. 
  • We do have restroom facilities next to the concession area on the east side of the turf field.  
  • We will have ice available for injuries but will not have medical staff on site. There are several Urgent Care facilities nearby for immediate emergencies.

Our Concession stand will be open to provide light meals, snacks and beverages to players, coaches and fans.  This is a cash only spot!  
  • Breakfast: Bagels, fruit and coffee will be available starting at 7:30am.  
  • Lunch options have expanded to include hot dogs, pizza, and 6" Subway subs (turkey, ham, veggie, turkey/ham).  
  • Beverages: coffee, soda, Gatorade, bottled water 
  • Snacks: chips, candy, popsicles 
Blue Bison Sports (Buffalo, NY) will be in attendance with gear, equipment and novelty items.  

Penfield Field Hockey Boosters will also have tournament t-shirts ($15)  and tanks ($15) as well as field hockey hats ($10) available for purchase.  We are hoping to have credit card capabilities, but please encourage the girls to bring cash along if they wish to purchase items.